Any attempt to approach identities, will push us toward a mirror game, a game about the different dimensions of any being.

In that way, both the identity of a person or of organizations can only be defined not by a monolithic stony description but as the articulation of three situations. As well as that, identities can also be grasped by the relationship between answers to some enquiries.

The first register and question is about the expectations and dreams of the imaginary facet of the identity. The question here is to ask then what you want it to be.

A second register tries to catch the structure and logic of what others think about you: others as your social group, your culture or market. The question is therefore what someone wants you to be like.

The third issue is around the real side of the identity. Something that is so difficult to hold on but that can be resumed by questioning what you are, demanding hence to prepare a kind of biography, an explanation, a story about you because nothing is left out of a story, even an identity.

Accordingly, as soon as you try to answer such question, your own narration appears the explicit and assumed sense of your identity emerges with sense for you.

As a result, we can believe that an identity consists of words and especially of answers to certain questions.


© Sebastián Guerrini, 2013.