Client: National Halls of Culture – Palais de Glace

The symbol designed to represent the Hall refers to the association of Argentina’s shape with the form of a branch of a tree.

Through the re-signification of an arbitrary shape such as the borders of a nation, it has the intention of evoking the imaginary attributes of a branch, such as growing, life, regeneration and in some cases immortality and recognition (laurel).

Thus, the allusion to the geographical space acquires a stabilising value within its relativity, since the projected national identity gives a map with positive signification as a result.

Finally, this image naturalises the relation between the parts of the branch/nation with the different regions of the country as organic parts of a whole being perceived in the emblem, thus giving a federal discourse to this kind of civil medal. It is an award, which is the public testimony of the whole nation, for those who deserves to be awarded.