The attorney’s firm Silva e Sousa is one of the largest in the Iberian Peninsula. Based in Porto, Lisbon, Madrid and Barcelona, operates over the legal systems of Portugal and Spain.

This society of lawyers, based its identity on tradition and experience, while including innovative solutions according to the dynamics of the current European Union.

Regarding to its communications, the design challenges were clear and the answer ( was satisfactory, within the projected image strategy.

But the biggest challenge was to design the identifying mark. As it was analyzed, I needed to find a symbol to represent the proper attributes of the owner of the company. A symbol that he could felt as an extension of his professional identit, approach and energy.

For doing so, I searched on all existing material which inhabited the offices of the company. I found there a bronze horse, which for size and relevance, was clear the relationship that this object had with Silva e Sousa.

From there I began to build the brand of the company, looking to include a detail of that horse into the name of the firm as a mnemonic device, to enhance the remembering of the name of the firm by any spectator of the brand. Then, since the letter S is repeated twice in the office compound name, the answer was simple.

Sebastian Guerrini, 2014 –