VIII Buenos Aires International Festival. Buenos Aires City Council. Brand Design. Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2011.

Since its origin, the Buenos Aires International Festival changes its identity according to the specific performances of each edition. Thus, every two years a selected designer creates the new brand. This year, as in the 2009 our study was selected for this duty.

The guidelines for 2011 were completely different. The scene seeks to present the current creative breakthroughs of the theatre. These works have already been internationally renowned, so the identity and climate of the festival’s image does not have to compete with the identities of the plays. Then the brand has to integrates and contain the activities of the Festival but without shouting.

In this sense, the mark of this edition is more abstract than the previous one, where the typography of the name plays a mayor role and where colours and the breakdown of visual planes, produces a climate of mystery, of fragility and depth, according to the sense of the event.

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