The symbol of the American centenary represents a family that moves forward, carrying a heavy bag.

Why a bag?

The bag in itself is an object present in the history of America, when at the beginning of 1900 the harvest was done manually, and grain was packed in bags for commercialization.

The bag was also present in the year 2001, when people built an embankment with bags full of earth so as to stop the destructive force of the waters threatening America.

Even now, and for the foreseeable future, the symbol of the bag is relevant as it holds the seeds that will bring new harvests and new hopes.

That is why we choose a bag; the bag is part of the history of America. It plays a silent role letting us see an entire working people. People with the energy and commitment necessary to make their own history.

Thus the bag, with its natural stillness, is important because it shows us who gives life and meaning to it. It shows us the society of America and specially the family as an axis of this community.
There they are, the man and the woman side by side together with a child, a new generation against the horizon. All of them head in the same direction, constructing the past, the present and the future of America.