Classifieds for the medical field. Visual Identity. Los Angeles, USA. 2009. 

Medifieds identity is based on a strong light blue icon. This icon is an abstraction of the figure of a heart also performing a letter “m”.

My aim for this identity was to create a strong figure than could identity and especially differentiate Medifieds from other related companies.

During the research I carried out, I found the symbol of the hearth to profoundly be the representation of medicine. Even though I tried several alternatives and avoided the use of the cross as the reference of the subject, I realized that in this case the obvious option of the hearth was the correct one. Thus, my challenge was to signify this heart by including in its image extra information, such as reference to the name, aspects of modernity and efficiency, strength and brightness, all aspect of the image strategy of the company.
©Sebastian Guerrini, 2009