Natural Science Argentine Museum, visual identity.
Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2005.

Looking for the improvement of the communication of the Argentine Museum of Natural Sciences, our job organizes and systematises the messages it generates. On one hand, the symbol of the brand is targeted toward children and their families.

On the other hand, since its construction the Museum has decorative elements made of iron, attached to the wall. Based on that, we designed a mosaic composed of a series of drawings of the Museum’s heritage collections. These elements show especially the local flora and fauna and are those which defined the second element of the brand, a frieze used as a background of the visual messages.

This frieze, can be articulated as an infinite and continuous mosaic, or can be magnified if necessary to highlight each part, for instance in the signal system. That allows integrating the interior, exterior and all sorts of communications of the institution.

Sebastian Guerrini