The design for the National Council shows, on the one hand, a space that the woman constructs with the shape of her arms and that contains a spiritual element to which she is linked. On the other hand, the graphic identity of the National Council for Women is based on pictorial representations of women, carried out in the territory of the current Republic of Argentina between 5000 BC and 900 AC, which defines the figure of the woman in a continual national time and space.

By identifying the Council with these images, the continuity of the symbolic issue and presence of the woman throughout history is reflected and strengthen.

The different images that are part of the visual communications are applied as a system, going together with the brand design for the Council and expressing issues that the organism deals with, such as plenitude, violence, federalism, etc.

The search for a set of images of women has the purpose of symbolically integrating thematic and physiognomic differences of the genre.