The  visual identity of the Argentine Movement for Organic production, is based on its name, symbol and an active texture.

The symbol of MAPO is the sun, as well as the one which traditionally represented the Argentine Movement, but a different sun now. The new symbol provides a variety of colours and shapes that transform the traditional meaning of the figure of the sun, offering now to the beholder to find also a flower, full of life and diversity.

Complementing this symbol, an active guard is working initially as a background. The texture, formed by a number of descriptions that tell the relationships between people, animals, plants, environment and production, is articulating all in a continuum mosaic. A mosaic that narrates stories of respect between each of its components, showing a representation of a harmonic and organic whole.

Each character of the guard is designed by a combination of seeds and leaves, helping the expression of the topic and looking for the visual integration of elements into the totality of the image.

The guard is perhaps the most interesting part of the brand because on one hand is the one that represents the philosophy of the organization. On the other hand, because their parts can work not only together but also separated. In this case, the characters of the guard can be elements of signage, advertising and setting.

Sebastian Guerrini

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