Buenos Aires International Festival Brand. Buenos Aires City Council, 2009


The new brand of the Theater Festival consists of four articulated parts: the acronym FIBA, the look, the diversity of colors and complementary institutional characters. They form a solid image which is at the same time diverse, active, dramatic, fresh and regional.


The symbol works as a brand in itself and contains the DNA of the future image and publicity of the event. The main referent is the BA of Buenos Aires which watches silently and awakens sensations.


This look, within the graphic context, is what links FIBA to the stage activity. It is a context given by the variety of colors and the personification of the eyes from the complementary figure of the dolls.


The dolls represent the materialization of the expressions of the look, positioned with gestures and movements. They assert the cultural character of the festival, as the image is strongly linked both to pre-Inca paintings (mourners from the North of Argentina), as well as to expressions of Latin America and the third world in general from the sensations that they produce. These images multiply the expressions and differences specific to the festival, providing it with more personality and sympathy.


©Sebastian Guerrini, 2009