The following job consisted in the materialization of the MERCOSUR Science organization in a visual symbol that labels, identifies, differentiates and integrates the whole (Mercosur) with the parts (national science). This, in other words, can be described as a brand that allows us to articulate national references within a regional organization, which, through an image, states in its speech the idea of compatibility between both subjects.   

The purpose of this reference was to stimulate the knowledge of this regional subject first among its own members, because it could be considered that the idea of Mercosur requires the mixture of its constitutive cultures to grow. This in turn would help move its axis away from the exclusive economic debate, which nowadays the media are used to registering when referring to the organization. 

The path of action of the symbol as a message is based on the thinking that: 

. The visualization of the other as a part of oneself helps one to recognize an amplified corpus.

. The capacity of a shared installation between the different parts helps to gain recognition of the existent of Mercosur science.

. The common expression between the parts generates the inward reflection and the outside expression regarding the existence of problems and the integrated opportunities of the sciences of the different nations.    

The graphic resource used to express this identity is based on the same one that the MERCOSUR flag currently bears: the South Cross. This reference is therefore kept within the consensus of the different governments.

In this case, the scheme of points expresses a diagram of relations among the parts closer to a web than a monolithic totem. This is something that goes along with the dynamic idea and opens up the idea of integration between the scientific and technological centres.  

Also, this emblem is represented in a geometric form, increasing the scientific factor semantically associable to the characteristics of the subject, according to the inter-textuality that this form awakens. 

The proposal represented here is the selfless contribution of the Science, Technology and Productive Innovation Secretary (Secretaría de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación Productiva) of Argentina within the context of the second meeting of the Science, Technology and Society organization.  

©Sebastian Guerrini, 2009