The CONICET is the Argentine Council for Science and Technology. The new visual identity seeks from the symbolic to define the CONICET as the integration of two visual speeches, building from its articulation a third element, a unique reference that forms the flag/infinity. The relation of the CONICET with the sign of infinity tries to answer to the presence of the idea of continuity in time, as with attributes felt or wished for by the community of reference of the institution.

The ribbon as a part of the sign of the infinite is a way of representing space that incorporates the dimension of time in a traditional representation.

In its movement the terms of the two sides of the ribbon are connected and fused, the inside and the outside, the contents of one and the other side.

Thus, the idea of the infinite can suggest a continuous force that lasts throughout the spectrum the different moments and also about the possibilities of reflection, of one way of defining knowledge or the limits of potential action. Finally, it is a common symbol of the different scientific disciplines (“hard” and “soft” sciences).  Assuming the national flag as one’s own, that is to say, the recognition of a national property like a communicational axis, allows us to give space to identity within a common frame of the different disciplines, religions and expectations as it is the linking figure of the Nation. This even indicates pertinence to the public sector within the degree of independence or particularity to the autonomy that CONICET allows.


Also, science and technology behave as any other national sector. By exerting the real representation that the Council has, it contributes not only to the legitimization of CONICET itself and other institutions and powers, but also to the idea of the nation of forms and daily terms and socially important spaces.

©Sebastian Guerrini, 2009