CottGroup is a Turkish firm, created for making businesses between Turkey and the rest of the world. CottGroup works as a kind of umbrella which contains several specific companies. In this case, the corporative image strategy that I created was based on the reinforcing of the local origin of the enterprise. Besides, on reflecting the modern and efficient job that the Group is doing, all of that supported upon a friendly and emotional atmosphere.

Thus, my first action was the systematization of the identity of the companies, in order to produce synergy among them, to capitalize for the Group the presence of anyone of them, and last for projecting the idea of an organized whole. On the other hand, this scheme allows to each company to have resources for expressing the focus of its themes and particularities.

Accordingly, I created a series of graphic element for inserting all companies into the figure of the holding. This system is conformed by an icon, a coherent use of the names, slogans, colour and typographies. For this reason, I designed this schematic symbol of an umbrella, made by the letter T and like a kind of @ (at). The reason for using the letter T as an insigne is because is present in most of the names of the companies, in Turkey and in the corporate slogan: Turnkey in Turkey.

Moreover, the oriental touch of its modern font and the red colour, are clearly setting the local belonging of the group. Last, I drew a series of illustrations that explain the activity of every company in special. The objective of them is also the creation of an emotional background for the brand development.

Sebastian Guerrini