Image and identity design.
Argentina. 2003-2011

The identity created for the Bioceres Holding involves the brand of Bioceres, Biointa, Bioceres Seeds and Indear. This complex work was planned as an articulated system, in order to allow each of the brands to get the best from their particularities and markets, but including all brands into a coherent whole.

As a whole, the aesthetic of the whole is connected with the mystic of the Celtic art, a prodigal art that used symbols from nature as a way of expression. By using this graphic style, the main element of the system is the seed. From there, that symbol of the seed represent an attribute of each company: thus, a kind of engine seed creation (Bioceres); two seeds making the B letter (Biointa); four seeds showing the varieties that the company is producing (Bioceres Seeds) and a dynamic and more flexible seeds Ying and Yang (Indear), which express the identity of the Research Centre.