The new Los Grobo Group’s brand was manufactured with the purpose of achieving a clear public distinction of the company in the agribusiness world and to reflect, from its presence, the current state of the company.

Thus, the visual identity will express, by means of simple graphic referents, the particularity, flexibility, power and approach of the company in its different scenarios of life, being simultaneously an assurance of the quality of products and services offered, the joining factors and the motivator of all the areas that make up the Group.

The system of visual identity is based on three variables: first of all, the yellow/orange color typical of cereals and oleaginous products which is the central atmosphere color of the company’s present activity. Second, there is the name “Los Grobo”, which portrays from the visual side the solidity and stability of the name with a present and dynamic cut. Last, we see the contribution of the final element of the system, the inclusion of a symbol that reflects in an abstract way the company spirit.

The expected interpretation of this symbol, of this nonfigurative identity icon on the part of the spectator, is revealed through activities related to the agribusiness. Thus, associations with the sun, sunflowers, the blade of a plow, equipment or the meeting space between parts, spontaneously arise from their reading, which allows us to obtain a visually attractive point of relation and integration. This part calls on the people who relate to the company to complete the meaning.

Furthermore, the indigenous style of the symbol is inspired by Tehuelches paintings in the region of La Pampa, the region of origin of the agricultural company. This aspect seeks to portray a sense of roots, anchorage and commitment of the family who owns the company with its region. It also applies to an environment of work and life in a market accustomed to the coming and going of local and foreign companies.

Finally, its simplicity, and visual attraction towards a center manages to identify the company with a graphically impressive symbol, visible from kilometers of distance, for example when being painted on the side of a silo. In this way those who already know the company imagine from this sign the totality of the company, capitalizing therefore on the territoriality, amplitude of subjects and magnitude of “Los Grobo”.