The House by the Roof is an excellent company specialized in the development of penthouses upon the urban area of the Eixample, Barcelona, Spain.

From the analysis of the business, its market and its development plans, I projected a comprehensive communication system. In it, the designed brand pointed out a rectangle on the top of the letter B, achieving thus the symbolic integration between the attic and the building. This abstract and pregnant shape, allows the identification of the company on the distance.

Besides, the logotype is complemented with a significative texture that looks like a labyrinthine. This playful grid, articulates silhouettes of different styles of buildings that inhabit the Spanish cities, along with other letters, other “penthouses” on them. This texture gives certain elegance to the basic corporative presentations, as well as expressing certain mystery, something related to the unique know-how owned by the company.

This scheme was also developed according to the expansion plans of the company, which integrate local developments into a general system. In terms of the brand system, this background permits to highlight the letter of the selected city in which the company is working. In this regard, all parts are articulated in an organic and flexible textile usefully for being adapted to the future demands of the company.