Before starting the actual design of the OWF project, we set about our research with the idea that the earth is something to take care of, and that one has the obligation to protect it and benefit from the common environment, including landscapes, climates, habitats, biodiversity, air and water. In unison with this, we learned from the OWF that organic agriculture is governed by four basic principles that are adopted in all parts of the world in relation to the activity: ecology, health, care and fairness.

Thus, in attempting to represent the OWF we therefore chose the image of our planet, a
particular planet, a living planet that reproduces life. It´s where continents, that are expressed as branches and leaves, relate with the water, showing ecological regulations, influences and synergies from one to another. The leaves represent the energy that is converted into food, fiber, and more leaves. Since photosynthesis occurs in the leaves through the combination of sun, water and sanitation, there is a living system that we must work with, imitate, and promote.

Ultimately, the photographic realism of the aesthetics of the brand, the use of leaves as symbol of life, the freshness of their colors, and the purity of water as a key to life, show as a whole the intention of the Organic Foundation to work so that our planet will be a healthy, caring, fair and responsible
environment. In this sense, we synthesised what the OWF is, what it wants to be and how its viewers see it.

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