I love to make illustrations using objects, by creating mock-ups that a photographer will take pictures of them. I like it, since there is something magical about the materiality of the objects and the meanings you can explore,create and find trough.

There is a great moment during the shooting process, that is where light and the angle vision allows us to find new senses to the original idea. Especially, I found that working with translucent material is the best for me, because of the effect of transparency that may produces uncountable combinations of significances.
This series of pictures were commissioned by the Secretary of Culture of the Argentine Nation, for the Argentine National Commission of Science and Technology, for a producer and for the Argentine Pavilion of the Frankfurt book fair. The photographers who took the pictures are Silvio Zuccheri (www.silviozuccheri.com), Marcelo Mendiburu (www.marcelomendiburu.blogspot.com) and Alejandra Gutierrez (www.alejandragutierrezfotografia.com).
Sebastian Guerrini
letter Fish
Babel, Letter-fish, Faces
Designer and Illustrator
Sebastian Guerrini